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Zaidu 43 - Speed test with 145 km/h ! by Danesippi Zaidu 43 - Speed test with 145 km/h ! by Danesippi
Shedu cats Korung: Gold by TempladoJunior speed test race: Gold by Templado

Name: Zaidu
Nickname: -
Shoulderbrand: 43

Stable: -
Rider: info coming later

Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Breed: %SheduCats
Height: 1,90 meters (about 18.3HH)
Body type: medium

Color: Bay brown with belly roan, pangare tiger stripes pattern [+2]. Cheetah pattern carrier.[+2]
Genotype: ee/Aa/tt/nB/BrnBrn/nPan/nTi [+2] (nC +2)

Zaidu takes after his parents and has a really good personality; loving, caring and curious if treated right. He was also raised with love and care, and trained daily by his owner, to ensure he would reach his fullest potential. Zaidu loves to spend part of the evening indoor with his owner, getting his belly rubbed. But he always loves to play and explore, sometimes getting himself into trouble too. So far his love for speed has been eminent, so he seems like a very promising racer.

Bloodlines: Mahogany Line
Liniage Sheet - ZAIDU by Danesippi

0/0/0 - 0 shows
Discipline: Shedu racing

Korung Level: 95 
- Ideal within breed standarts. With  great lineage, perfect conformation and no health issues.

Max. sprint speed: ? km
Max. stayer speed: untested

Stamina test: no
Speed test: -
Junior test: 145 km/h 
Official racetrack: -

Breeding info: CLOSED
Direct offspring: none

More images and story art: click here!

Korung - Conformation

Thomas went over the Shedu's coat one last time with a lightly damp cloth, just to get the final shine out and remove any reminiscence of dust or sand. The cat, Zaidu, purred with a deep humming sound, enjoying the touch and extra care. He still had his ears pricked though, and much of his attention was directed at the strange people and beasts around him. It was early in the season, so there weren’t many Shedu cats at this specific Korung, which Thomas silently appreciated. He hoped his own cat would stay focused with the lack of playmates.

Thomas looked at the big male Shedu with pride. The fuzzy cub had finally grown tall with a short and shiny coat to really show off all the hues in his color. The striping, changing ever slightly every season, appeared dark with warm orange and red undertones in the exotic light of the beach area.

“Time to take your best stance,” Thomas murmured, looking at the others getting ready for this part of the event. Bystanders walked around just outside the preparation area, trying to get glimpses of these rare beasts, which had so quickly become a trend all over the world among the rich and famous.

“Let’s go then! Smile to the ladies, Zaidu.”
(214 words)

Other Art of Zaidu + training:
Zaidu's JournalReferences:

Prizes and Ribbons:

Obedience training 1 by =DanesippiObedience training 2 by =DanesippiObedience training 3 by =Danesippi
sketchy training by =Danesippi
in show:
Zaidu 43 - Speed test with 145 km/h ! by =DanesippiZaidu's Junior Test by =DanesippiZaidu - free will junior race by =Danesippi
practicing for Zaidu by =Danesippi20131129 204309 by =Danesippithe big kitten by =DanesippiHehehehe by *go234Commission for Danesippi by *TintedGreenref free portrait by =Danesippi
Breeding Plans:
Litter 1 -> Buffy
Litter 2 -> Nefi
Litter 3 -> unknown
Litter 4 -> unknown
Litter 5 -> unknown
Litter 6 -> unknown
NOTE! Zaidu is open for breeding with approved cats, once he gets his licen

Art © =Danesippi
character/design © =Templado
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Danesippi Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
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Danesippi Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
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He looks so awesome! Best of luck in Korung!
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